First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati

There’s nothing as powerful as a group of determined people! Considering what faith communities nationwide are facing, it’s a good thing First Unitarian has so many gifted and determined individuals and families involved.  

Like many faith communities we are facing decreasing membership and a heavier reliance on staff to do the work that was once done by volunteers. Despite these challenges our congregation has provided meaningful worship services in the absence of a full-time minister.  We have continued robust faith development programming. We have seen a fresh group of new members join our congregation.  

In the 2023-24 fiscal year we will embark on the journey of Developmental Ministry. Developmental ministry is a program for congregations knowing that they have specific longer-term transitional work to do before being ready for a settled minister. The understanding is that this work is for the congregation to do with assistance from the developmental minister. The expectation is that we will have a match on April 1 (no fooling) and the Developmental Minister will start August 1.

We are so grateful for your support at any level. The Church’s operating expenses will increase by 15% this year. We hope you will keep this in mind when choosing your level of support.  

2023-24 Pledge Form

Unitarian Universalist congregations are self-sustaining institutions whose primary source of financial support comes from members and friends. Reflecting on your relationship with First Unitarian Church and the role you want to play in our community, please consider a generous gift.

What is Pledging?

Welcome to First Unitarian Church. When becoming a member of First Unitarian Church we ask you to make a financial commitment to support the day-to-day operations of First Church for the fiscal year. Our fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30.  If you make a pledge at this point you would pay on it until June 30, 2024.  Then a new fiscal year begins.    

After you pledge, you will receive a statement that confirms the amount you have pledged. It is entirely up to you when you make your contributions (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually).  

How Much Should I Give?

Giving is a personal choice, and we are grateful for any investment you are willing to make in the future of the Church. As you join First Church, consider a gift level that is right for you.

How Do I Make My Pledge?

  • Pledge Online. Pledging is as easy as the click of a mouse. Go to the church’s website ( and click on the word “Giving.”
  • To go to the submittable Breeze form CLICK HERE OR
  • CLICK HERE for Printable form shown below to be returned to the church

Unitarian Universalist Association Suggested Fair Share Giving Guide

To Print this form to be returned to the church — Click Here

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Email:  _____________________________ Phone: _____________________

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Email:  _____________________________ Phone: _____________________

I/We pledge $________________________to support First Unitarian Church in the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Your pledge commitment will be activated on July 1, 2023. You will receive periodic statements updating contributions toward your pledge but it is entirely up to you when you make your contributions (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually).

This pledge will be paid:  On-line  ____ In Person   ____ By Mail   ____ Various   ____ 

      Weekly  ____ Monthly   ____ Quarterly  ____ Annually   ____

Signature­­­­­­­­­­­­ _________________________     Signature  ________________________

Date________________________    Date  _______________________

Thank you for your generous support.

If you have any questions about this pledging process, please reach out to:
Nancy Sawyer (443-362-0946), Scott Kelly (309-533-0708)

Please return completed form to First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati, 536 Linton Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219.