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Aim for Amos

Friday, January 12, 2024, 7pm

A flier for Aim for Amos.  It is in red, and shows one hand pulling another hand up.  The text simply restates everything that is in the announcement text.

Uniting local congregations with a large statewide multi-issue organization, The Amos Project strengthens the ability of people of faith to address both local and regional community issues, including mass incarceration, immigration, healthcare, and racial inequity.  Want to know more?  Join AMOS organizer, Rev. Daniel Hughes, via zoom for his Tad Talk “Aim for AMOS.”  Just register now, through Thursday, January 11th.

Virtual Enneagram Course

Monday evenings, 7:30 – 9pm (Feb. 5 – April 8)

A group of multicolored stick figures stand in a circle holding hands.

The enneagram is one of many tools for psychological and spiritual growth.  Developed centuries ago within the esoteric traditions, it has come to light in our day as a popular psychological teaching, used in various venues, from the therapist’s office to mediation to the business world.  Heck, it can even be used to fit a person with the right dog breed!
Dr. Riegel and member Barbara Bonney will be focusing on the enneagram as a tool for self-understanding, self-observation, understanding of others, interpersonal relationships, while occasionally touching upon the spiritual intent of the enneagram (a la its esoteric origins).  Mostly, they will focus on how the enneagram is a wonderful tool for discovering one’s (and others’) mental and emotional habits.
If you would like to explore the enneagram before signing up for this course, we strongly advise you not simply to watch a slew of YouTube videos on the subject.  There are various approaches and various levels of understanding of the enneagram, many of which lack the breadth and depth of understanding to be reliable.  Instead, we encourage you to explore this website (However, we also strongly advise that you not take the test they offer!  Try to hold off on that until after the course is finished.).  This site speaks to the enneagram from the perspective taught to Dr. Riegel, specifically through the work of Helen Palmer (now retired).  Along those lines, this will be the reference book for the course (If you already know you want to take this course, please order the book and begin reading.  The more material you can absorb ahead of time, the better.).
This class is free and open to the public.        To register, email Dr. Riegel.