We are a liberal religious haven, sustained by tradition, boldly seeking justice and gently transforming lives through deeds great and small.

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Join us this Sunday for an intergenerational service honoring the earth AND committing to her care.  The house band will be playing and Dr. Riegel will be sharing stories and thoughts about the earth and our responsibility toward her.

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The First Unitarian Singers will present “The Sunrise Mass”, by Ola Gjeilo.  This work is a beautiful setting of 4 movements- The Spheres (Kyrie);  Sunrise (Gloria); The City (Credo); and Identity (Agnus Dei).  The choir will be accompanied by a string quartet and Noriko Matsui on piano.

 Ola Gjeilo is a Norwegian composer who moved to the United States in 2001 to begin his composition studies at the Julliard School in New York City.  This piece is partly influenced by Ola’s love of cinematic music.

We humans haven’t mastered the art of effective, honest, and caring interpersonal interactions but have we ever mastered the art of interpersonal collusion!  What exactly is interpersonal collusion, why do we do it, and why is it a problem?  Finally, what is the solution to this pervasive problem that plagues us?

On Saturday, May 4th, at St. John’s UU church, Greg Greenway and Reggie Harris will be presenting a musical event entitled “Deeper That the Skin.”  On May 5th, First U will be hosting a city-wide UU event for our Sunday morning service.  This service will also feature Reggie and Greg and will be an extension on the “Deeper Than the Skin” theme.  You can learn more about Reggie and Greg’s work on their website: https://deeperthantheskin.com/

May 12: “Learning To Be White”

Dr. Alexander Riegel

Anyone who has taken the time to read black authors who write about the black experience understands that black people undergo a process of learning what it means to be black in a predominantly white culture.  Contrariwise, most white people do not understand that they undergo a similar process of learning what it means to be white in a predominantly white culture.  Dr Riegel will discuss this experience of “learning to be white” – informative for everyone, white or not.

Our April Share the Plate Offering Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub

Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub‘s mission is to revolutionize how people think about “things” and to provide a place where almost anything can be recycled or reused.

Your charitable contribution makes an instant impact! As a generous donor, you become a key partner in providing a One-Stop drop off location in the center of Cincinnati for hard-to-recycle recyclables. Since April 1st, 2021 they’ve reused or recycled over 200 tons of material, keeping that all out of our growing landfills! It’s simple and easy to do, so make a tax deductible donation today!

To donate to Share the Plate (STP), please designate “STP April” on your online donations or make checks payable to First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati with “STP April” in the memo line.

Donations of all types (STP, pledge, or general gifts) may be made on our website, https://firstuu.com/give-now/ or through these additional methods: https://firstuu.com/social-justice/give/. Members may also donate through the Breeze online member system.

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We are a caring Unitarian Universalist community in the centrally located Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati. We meet in a warm and graceful building, circa 1889, for worship services that nourish spiritual growth and learning throughout life. A self-governed congregation in good standing with the Unitarian Universalist Association, we are an active force for positive change through a variety of activities that serve our members and our community. 

If you are a member here, an internet traveler or a spiritual searcher, if you are experiencing hard times and need a hand up or are a social justice advocate, come to First Church and share in the celebration of life’s journey. We cherish human diversity, the differences in sex, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, theology and political perspective. These values apply to all of the activities of our Congregation.


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