We are a liberal religious haven, sustained by tradition, boldly seeking justice and gently transforming lives through deeds great and small.

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As you’ve heard me say, were all “scoundrels.” But were also all inherently good. There is an ongoing struggle between our scoundrelness and our inherent goodness. What can we do to help our inherent goodness more often be our modus operandi? The spiritual traditions have an answer, namely: remembrance. But it can be hard to remember to remember! How do we overcome such forgetfulness in our lives?

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Sociologist Thom Hartmann teaches about the native American term, “wetiko.” Wetiko literally means “cannibal.”  More generally, it refers to the tendency to “eat the life of another.”  When Europeans came to America, native people quickly diagnosed them as having wetiko.  Dr. Riegel will discuss what this means in that context and how wetiko saturates the American culture that rose from the European invasion of the Americas.

One of the interesting things about us humans is that we tend to get theological when the chips are down or tragedy strikes. “Please, God, I promise!” or “If there were a God, this wouldn’t be happening!” are the armchair theological utterances during difficult times.  But why don’t we wax theological in the good times?

In this sermon, I explore what it means to hold space for ourselves and for others, especially in beloved community.  Want to explore with me?  I’ll hold space for you.

This year, when thinking about our beloved community and the assistance necessary to support our mission and continued growth, we’re asking you to say “YES, AND!” It’s an exciting time at First Church, as we settle into the Developmental Ministry process, welcome new faces, strengthen existing relationships, and continue to push ourselves and the community around us along the arc bending towards justice.

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We are a caring Unitarian Universalist community in the centrally located Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati. We meet in a warm and graceful building, circa 1889, for worship services that nourish spiritual growth and learning throughout life. A self-governed congregation in good standing with the Unitarian Universalist Association, we are an active force for positive change through a variety of activities that serve our members and our community. 

If you are a member here, an internet traveler or a spiritual searcher, if you are experiencing hard times and need a hand up or are a social justice advocate, come to First Church and share in the celebration of life’s journey. We cherish human diversity, the differences in sex, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, theology and political perspective. These values apply to all of the activities of our Congregation.


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