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  • Sabbatical News

    Not Another Announcement Post

    Hello Beloveds,

    I am sorry, but yes, this is another announcement post. And, here is the announcement – starting in January I will be on sabbatical. This means I will not be tending to my regular duties at First Unitarian Church, and so this blog will go dark for several months. What will I be doing on Sabbatical? When will I be back? Well, you can get the answers to those questions and more by viewing the “5 FAQs About Meredith’s Sabbatical” slideshow below (a plain text version of this slideshow can be found here).

    In faith and service,

    – Meredith

  • New Youth Advisor

    Meet Mr. Jeff!

    Great News – Our new youth advisor, Mr. Jeff, will start Sunday, December 3rd! I know… I know… this post isn’t so much a “tool for the journey” as it is a simple announcement. But, I can’t keep quite! Mr. Jeff Jackson comes to First Unitarian Church from Ebenezer 2nd Baptist Church, where he served as their Youth Drama Director for 10 years. Mr. Jeff is a performer in the greater Cincinnati area and has worked for a number of youth organizations including Mt. Moriah Youth in Lincoln Heights and the Waterline summer youth program in Fairfield.

    He’ll start his career at First Church shadowing youth group volunteer Doug Plummer for several Sundays. Then, Mr. Jeff will fly solo starting in January. Please, if you see him, give him a warm welcome. We, your Lifespan Faith Development Team, are so excited to welcome him!

    A brown skinned man with close cropped hair and a pencil thin mustache shares a warm smile.  He is wearing fleece under a black vest as he stands in front of a cream colored wall.  To the left of his head is an interfaith clock.
  • This Coming Out Day

    Happy Coming Out Day!

    You may have heard it said that queer people never stop coming out. It’s true. I first came out when I was sixteen (around 2001). I started by telling my father that I was bi. Not long after that, I told my mother, and then a few close friends. It wasn’t a big deal, really. My family had always celebrated love and self-expression, and my friends were always kind to everyone. But, for some reason, it was still terrifying. Then, as a young adult, I learned the term Pansexual, and suddenly, I felt I had to come out all over again – “Oh, actually, y’all, I’m Pan, not bi.” And, you know what? It was still scary.

    Most recently (within the past five years), I’ve started examining my gender. It began when I was asked to identify my pronouns, and I found I really did not want to. Ultimately, through self examination, I came to understand myself as a person who is mostly ‘not a girl,’ and I adopted She/They as my pronouns. But, to tell you the truth, I am still exploring my gender. And, I am terrified I may have to come out yet again. Because, what it comes down to is this – coming out, even in the best of circumstances, is scary.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, it does get easier over time. These days, I don’t think twice about wearing my pride merch and telling anyone who asks that I am pansexual, or that my pronouns are she/they. But, in the beginning, it can be terrifying. That’s why, this coming out day, I want to make sure you are aware of The Coming Out Handbook from The Trevor Project. And, I want to assure you that if you aren’t ready to come out just yet, that’s okay too. Out or not, you are still loved, and you are still valid.