Author: Meredith Plummer

Sabbatical News

Not Another Announcement Post

Hello Beloveds,

I am sorry, but yes, this is another announcement post. And, here is the announcement – starting in January I will be on sabbatical. This means I will not be tending to my regular duties at First Unitarian Church, … read more.

“5 FAQs About Meredith’s Sabbatical” Plain Text

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5 FAQs About Meredith’s Sabbatical

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1. Who will run Lifespan Faith Development?

TLDR: Lay Leaders

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Lifespan Faith Development Co-Chairs

Molly Gillespie

Tim Kraus

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4th – 6th Grade Our Whole Lives Facilitators

Chris Dendy

Lois Gish

Phillip Schaefer

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Molly Gillespie – Family Faith Development Contact

Tim Kraus – Adult Faith Development Contact

Patty … read more.

New Youth Advisor

Meet Mr. Jeff!

Great News – Our new youth advisor, Mr. Jeff, will start Sunday, December 3rd! I know… I know… this post isn’t so much a “tool for the journey” as it is a simple announcement. But, I can’t keep quite! Mr. … read more.

This Coming Out Day

Happy Coming Out Day!

You may have heard it said that queer people never stop coming out. It’s true. I first came out when I was sixteen (around 2001). I started by telling my father that I was bi. Not … read more.

I’m In the Slime of My Life!

Oobleck and Other States of Matter

Photo by Pexel User Monstera.

When I was younger, I had two states of being.

In my personal life, I was fluid, like water. Which is to say that I went with the flow, and rarely set boundaries with … read more.

Valuable Insights that Lift the Spirit

Thank You for the Education

Dearest Beloveds,

Congratulations – we did it!  We made it to the unofficial end of this church year!  And, oh my goodness, we have so much to look forward to in the coming year!  However, before we get there, I want to offer you one … read more.

UU Summer Camps

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

This past Sunday, my husband and I finally nailed down our family’s summer vacation plans. We will be heading to Pittsburgh towards the end of June to attend the final day of General Assembly, before exploring all that Pittsburgh … read more.

SAD and Adaptive Change

Get Off the Dance Floor

Hello Beloveds,

Though I have never been tested, I am pretty sure I have Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD).  Over the years I’ve thought about getting myself a sun lamp to help alleviate the symptoms, but as winter approaches each year, I tend … read more.

Trans Rights Now!

You Are Divine and You Are Loved!

Hello Beloveds,

The passage of Kentucky’s Anti-Trans bill last Wednesday demands a response…

To begin, a message to our trans and nonbinary members, friends, and neighbors – we see you.  You are divine, and you are loved.

To our members, friends, and … read more.