From Dr. Alex Riegel – 10/12/2023

Dr. Riegel and Mystic Coda at First U

 Postponed until Saturday, Jan. 27, at 7:30pm

In 2015, I began a trio with two friends of mine, called Mystic Coda.  Originally a creative experiement, by 2015 we had produced a CD, entitled, The Holy Longing, and soon performed at various small venues.  Our work was disrupted during the covid pandemic but now that the pandemic is behind us, we are excited to be reengaging this work.  Our first reboot will be at First U, on October 21, at 7:30pm.  For those of you whose interest has been piqued by my own love of mystic poetry or teachings on Sufism, you will be especially interested in our work, several samples of which can be heard on our website:  (If you are interested in attending our performance on the 21st, you can also purchase tickets on our website.) 

Finally, feel free to send this email to anyone else you thing may be interested.  This would be a great way to introduce people to First U!

[Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  Proceeds go to the two musicians who work with me.  I do this as a labor of love!]


Dr. Riegel