Action Alert on HB 68: Please contact your state Representative

Thankfully, Governor DeWine has vetoed HB 68, which doesn’t allow gender-affirming care for children who aren’t grandfathered in (have already begun treatment). However, the measure passed with 62 votes, and only 60 are needed to override his veto. See how your rep voted here.

I have contacted my legislator, Adam Bird, to urge veto. Here’s the basic text of what I wrote: As an educator, you should be ashamed to support HB 68; forcing children to live in their sex assigned at birth is so wrong on so many levels, I can’t even wrap my head around it. Here’s what the Mayo Clinic says: Adolescents and adults with gender dysphoria without gender-affirming treatment are at risk of thinking about or attempting suicide. In fact, the transgender son of a KY legislator DID commit suicide. Adam, if you don’t know any transgender people, DON’T LEGISLATE FOR THEM! Lady Valor, the story of a transgender Navy SEAL, can be accessed on Netflix and other streaming services. That woman, Kristen Beck, grew up in a town like New Richmond in upstate NY. Her father was the football coach, she played sports, hunted and fished; occasionally, she would manufacture an excuse to stay home from school and try on her sister’s clothing. Please do the right thing; take 90 minutes to watch Lady Valor and try to understand what it is like to be born in the body of the wrong sex. Your constituent, Debbie Davidson