2024 Resolution: Save Coney Island and honor Marian Spencer’s legacy!

Time to activate social networks and talk to decision makers; paving over Coney Island is an abysmally bad idea! You lose parking to do it, something this venue already seriously lacks and we have plenty of venues between Riverbend, PNC Pavillion, the Brady Center, the Taft, Ovation, and Memorial Hall. Coney is the true melting pot in this region; the only place where you see people of all socioeconomic levels, races, faiths, ages and sexes go to have a good time. Since I returned to Cincinnati, I have spent at least 3 or 4 days a week – I like to swim laps there – without incident. It’s exactly what Marian envisioned when she sued to allow her sons to go there…

I am acquainted with Jan-Michele Lemon-Kearney because her mother and I were members of LWVCA; I have made an effort to engage with her every time I see her even though I’m no longer a resident of the city. My girlfriend went to law school with Eric Kearney so we’re going to find an event they will both attend, maybe an AA Chamber of Commerce fundraiser, and attend so we can ask them to activate the black community.

Who do you know at City Hall? Anderson Township (I’ve sent my concerns to one of the trustees listed at the website below)? County commissioners? Planning/zoning board members? Have the convo with them and emphasize: we need to preserve Marian Spencer’s legacy!