Social Justice/Public Witness newsletter week of 4/3/23

For Earth Month

Join Faith communities for the Go Green Education/Lifestyles 2023 EcoChallenge; join the team, FCGG for Earth Month 2023, and compete with teams from around the world in this fun, free, educational, and interactive game. Register here.

Monday at 7

Sierra Club will host: An evening with Larry Falkin, former Director of the City’s Office of Environment & Sustainability. Cincinnati’s goal is to become carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner, but what will it take to get there? Solar & Wind? Electric Vehicles? LED lights and electric heat pumps? All these will be necessary, but not sufficient. Fortunately, there are some exciting, mature, deployable energy solutions that don’t get much attention and could be a big part of Cincinnati’s future. Have you ever heard about Pumped Storage Hydroelectric? Carbon Dioxide Batteries? Hydrogen Energy Storage? Small Modular Nuclear Generators? Let’s imagine a positive future for Cincinnati and get to work building it! Held at the Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church: arrive at 6:30 for snacks and a meet and greet or register here for the Zoom link. 

Beginning Wednesday

Race and Racism in Cincinnati, a 3-part docuseries, is a telling of our history from the racial margins, the history that is not often told in school curriculums or in mainstream white culture. This video series, which begins on Wednesday, April 5th and continues on the 12th and 19th from 5:30 to 7:30, places storytelling authority in the hands of common people rather than political leaders or figures of power. Register here; a $15 donation is requested. More information can be found at our partner IJPC’s website:

Also on Wednesday

The Center for Families of the Incarcerated (CFI) at Miami University is hosting a research event from 6 – 7 pm (virtually). [CSSCFI – Website]They will host two scholars from the University of Washington who conduct work on incarcerated mothers and their infants to discuss their research on maternal incarceration as well as how they developed their relationship with women’s prisons in Washington. Contact CFI’s director, Dr. Yvette Harris, if you are interested in participating. 

On Thursday at noon

AIR will present it’s next lunch and learn at Christ Church Cathedral, 318 E 4th St; you can bring your lunch or purchase one on-site. View on YouTube here: (past forums are also posted at this site). 

And Friday at noon,

You can participate in Way of the Cross for Justice with our partner, IJPC. Meet at Piatt Park, 100 Garfield Place downtown.

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