Welcome to Family Programming at First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati!

If you are new to First Church, I want to extend an extra special welcome. Family and Children’s Programming at First Church, what some other congregations might refer to as Religious Education, is markedly different from what you’ll find at some other UU congregations because our focus is on the family, not just the child. We understand your life is busy. We understand that, at times, you feel overburdened with the work of raising a family. But, we also understand that you are your child’s greatest teacher. While we might have only 40 hours in a given year to influence your child, you, as their parent, have over 3,000 hours. Therefore, we are committed to partnering with you, to offer programming that not only fits into your busy schedule but that eases your burden as well.

If you would like to learn more about Family Programming's philosophy and policies, make sure to check out our overview. To learn more about our programming, including your child's curriculum for the year, be sure to take a look at our prospectus. Below, you will find a description of what your child will be learning, and doing, this coming Sunday, as well as a list of upcoming events and opportunities.

On Sunday mornings, please feel free to stop me and say 'Hi' or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me with any questions you may have. 

In partnership,

- Meredith Plummer, Director of Family Programming

Sunday's This Summer

  • PreK - 5th Grade: Backyard Bonanza - Leading research in the field of childhood development says children benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually from free play in nature.  And yet, surveys show that today's children just aren't getting it, at least not enough of it.  That's why, this summer, it's all about outdoor play.  Children will gather on the playground, after they are sung out from the service.  Once there, they will engage in a short Montessori style lesson before they are released to play with their peers under the watchful eyes of Ms. Kymm and our summer volunteers.  Please be advised that we will be offering water play and garden play activities, every Sunday of this summer.  You SHOULD NOT dress your child(ren) in their Sunday best.  You MAY want to consider bringing a towel and change of clothes with you to church if you have somewhere else to be afterwards.
  • Jr. High and Sr. High: Planning - Today, with the help of the Sr. High, the Jr. High youth will plan for their youth service on June 16th.

 Upcoming Opportunities

Blessing of the Backpacks
This is a ritual performed by many UU congregations. It is a time when children, and sometimes adults, are bestowed a blessing, which they can take with them, out into the world, for the year.  We will hold our first Blessing of the Backpacks during the service on August 11th. 

Water Communion
The unofficial start to our church year, the water communion is a ritual at First Church and many other UU congregations.  Come with a vile of water from your wanderings this summer, and let us join together in community once again.

Adult RE-Launch
It's been a few years since we've had an active Adult Religious Education program.  But, this year we are back, and with a smorgasbord of programming designed to offer 'something for everyone.'  To learn more about what Adult RE has to offer this year, we invite you to join us for our RE-Launch potluck on August 25th, after the service.

Meredith Plummer,
Director of Family Programming

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