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If you would like to learn more about Family Faith Development's philosophy and policies, make sure to check out our overview. To learn more about this year's programming be sure to take a look at our prospectus. Below, you will find a description of what each of our programs will be exploring week-to-week, as well as a list of upcoming events and opportunities.

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me with any questions you may have. 

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- Meredith Plummer, Director of Lifespan Faith Development 

Winter 2022

  • Infant through Preschool: Ms. Amber is fostering fun and friendship downstairs, in room 2 - join her for some self directed discovery this winter!  Beanbags, Music, and Books - Oh My!
  • Kindergarten through 5th Grade: Ms. Kymm is exploring ethics and empathy, in room 1 - join her for CartUUns! This curriculum uses animated shorts from Pixar and Disney, and an accompanying activity, to facilitate discussion around values, ethics, and feelings.
  • Jr. High & Sr. High: Mr. Stephen is creating connections and community upstairs, in the large gathering space - join him in UUVille!  This curriculum uses role-play to get youth thinking and discussing big ideas and UU values.

 Upcoming and Ongoing Opportunities



It is looking more and more like First Church will be opening (no RSVP required) the first Sunday in December.  Of course, the situation is always subject to change, but if First Church opens December 5, then so will Sunday School.  We'll begin with indoor classes for Infants - Preschool, a class for Kindergarten - 5th Grade, and a class for Junior & Senior High (mask and vax strongly recommended for all who can safely utilize them).  It will likely take some time until we are going "full force" again so F.F.D. appreciates your patience as we start to do what we can with what we got.

Welcome Back


Jr. High OWL Informational Session

Parents and Guardians of 7th - 9th Graders, I am excited to announce that First Unitarian Church is planning to offer Jr. High OWL (Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education for 7th - 9th Grade) in-house this upcoming spring / summer!  But, first, I invite you to join me on January 26th at 7 PM via Zoom to learn more about this vital ministry.  Just RSVP by days end January 25 at https://tinyurl.com/29kwwph5

Both parents / guardians who are new to OWL and those who aren't are encouraged to RSVP to this informational session.  New parents / guardians can expect to learn more about the program as a whole, while veteran parents / guardians can expect to learn more about how this iteration of OWL will likely differ from previous years.  Plus, as a participant of this informational session, your input on scheduling and other logistics will be sought after!

If you are unable to make it to the Jr. High OWL Informational Session, but are still interested in having your youth participate in Jr. High OWL this year, please let me know, so I can continue to include you in future OWL emails.

Jr. High OWL 2022

Meredith Plummer,
Director of Lifespan Faith Development

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  • My Chalica Book: A Beginner's Guide (Fourth Edition) - Created by me, this booklet contains an introduction to Chalica, a resource page, a brief history of Chalica, and suggestions on how to celebrate and honor each principle with actions, food, gifts, books, and movies.
  • Beyond Ramps and Restrooms - Within this blog you'll find links, resources, reviews and information about today's technology - and how that technology may be used to welcome people with disabilities in our congregations and beyond.