2021 Annual Campaign Light Of MineLet it Shine, By Participating in the Stewardship Campaign!

The 2021 First Church Stewardship Campaign is when we come together, and through our financial contributions, make our church a reality. This year we are gonna “Let it Shine!” The same way that our individual candles create the glow of our Christmas Eve service, our individual contributions of time and treasure light our way to the future.

Let it Shine! Your spark builds the bonfire of First Church. Think of the warmth that envelops you when we’re together, whether it is in our historical sanctuary or participating via Zoom. We’ve shown that despite the serious challenges of COVID-19, we keep shining the light of First Church. Services and music have come to you via YouTube. Our children are still learning about faith traditions and joining in youth programs like Breakfast with Santa. Staff and volunteers are keeping us connected through the bulletin and announcements, and they have enhanced worship by installing new technology in the sanctuary. Reverend Connie is a beacon of hope for members in need now more than ever. And after the rain, a rainbow. We can shine all the brighter after COVID restrictions are lifted, if we rise together to support our church.

First Church shines our “little light” out to the larger world, speaking up against injustice and racism. We support the community through IHN and Avondale tutoring. We support the broader UU movement through the UUA and the UUSC. There’s no question that now is a time when the world needs more of First Unitarian Church, and our open minded and open hearted approach to understanding the mysteries of our world and how to live in it peacefully and justly.


When does this year’s campaign take place?

The 2021 campaign will kick off in the pulpit on March 7th
Canvassers will start reaching out March 21st
The campaign will end March 28th
The sooner you can pledge, the better, so that the Finance Committee and Board can assemble the 2021-2022 church budget. Thank you!


How to pledge?

Pledge Online.


Mail your pledge.

Return the Pledge Form you received in the mailed to 536 Linton St, Cincinnati, OH 45219.


Pledge with a Canvasser.

If you would prefer to speak to a Canvasser, just let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will set up a personal one-on-one conversation for you.


Giving Guide

Our church is sustained by our generosity. To help us plan the 2021-2022 budget, we ask you to make a PLEDGE now to tell us how much you plan to give between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Not sure how much to pledge? Commit to a total that is MEANINGFUL for you and for the church’s needs. It is helpful to know the church spends about $1800 per person on its ministry and programs. For many in our congregation, this figure is not realistic for their present financial situation. We appreciate your donations of your time and talents. EVERYONE’s contribution, whether financial or otherwise, is needed and valued. Those who can give more, please do so, perhaps at the Visionary Level or Tithe Level shown below.

Keep in mind that operating costs such as insurance and utilities rise annually, and pledges at last year’s level translate into budget cuts for the next year. STEPPING UP your pledge is important to assuring those cuts do not occur and that First Church has the funds to carry out our shared mission of justice, love and hope.

Giving Guide from the Unitarian Universalist Association
2020 fair share contribution guide 1688px



Contact Canvass Advisers

If you’d like to ask questions or give us feedback about giving or the annual budget, we’d be delighted to talk with you.

Carol Willis


Heather Zoller