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We believe in the power of our congregation to foster and support UU values, and to assist in meeting our current and future goals. It takes resources to deliver our beloved community.

We believe we should provide fair and just wages to our Minister and staff based on both experience and job performance. Currently, based on the UUA’s guidelines, our minister and staff are being paid at only minimum levels.

  • Reverend Connie guides our congregation and leads meaningful and life changing services, and so much more!
  • Our Director of Operations, Carrie Spiess, in addition to taking care of our historic building and managing our finances, has implemented many cost saving processes and increased revenue to the church through facility rentals.
  • Meredith Plummer, our Director of Faith Development, and assisted by Amber Woods (Infant/Toddler), Kymm Whitehead (Pre-K – K), and Stephen Willis (Jr. High), have provided enriched programming for our youth, and many programs Faith Development programs across the lifespan including Intermediate OWL, Examining “X”, and Sharing Circles to name a few.
  • Our Office Administrator, Susan West, helps us all stay organized and in the know with timely and informative communications.
Let’s work together to pay our minister and staff equal to the great value they bring us!

We believe we should continue to provide enriching Faith Development throughout the lifespan that helps us to understand Unitarian Universalism and put our values into practice. In addition to the Faith Development programs mentioned above, and the staff that plans and delivers them, with the number of youth moving to the high school age group, we believe that hiring a senior high teacher is very important to our church’s future.

We believe it is important to provide professional development for our staff, and leadership training for our congregation, including assistance to attend UUA sponsored trainings and UUA General Assembly.

We believe we should continually increase inclusivity through changes in our physical surroundings, workshops and awareness campaigns. We created OPENING HEARTS, and this on-going program is a process to establish an anti-racism, anti-oppression, multiculturalism team for the congregation.

We believe we should deliver music that you love, that lifts our hearts on Sundays and includes our congregation throughout the month. We greatly appreciate our dedicated Music Director, Jera Cox, as well as our adult choir, hand bells, and two youth singing groups.

We believe we should increase our impact on social justice at a crucial time in human history by focusing on these three pillars of our social justice program: (1) housing homeless families in coordination with the Interfaith Hospitality Network, (2) providing tutoring at South Avondale Elementary, and (3) supporting Shiloh Food Pantry. Additionally, last year, First Church provided the space for Avondale to give out 1000 turkeys and meals for Thanksgiving, and annually, our Guest at Your Table campaign supports the UUSC in its work promoting human rights, including fair treatment for immigrants.

We believe that having funds for marketing and advertising is crucial for sustaining our church membership today, and for our future growth.

Giving Guide

Our church is sustained by our generosity. To help us plan the 2020-2021 budget, we ask you to make a PLEDGE now to tell us how much you plan to give between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Not sure how much to pledge? Commit to a total that is MEANINGFUL for you and for the church’s needs. It is helpful to know the church spends about $1800 per person on its ministry and programs. For many in our congregation, this figure is not realistic for their present financial situation. We appreciate your donations of your time and talents. EVERYONE’s contribution, whether financial or otherwise, is needed and valued. Those who can give more, please do so, perhaps at the Visionary Level or Tithe Level shown below.

Keep in mind that operating costs such as insurance and utilities rise annually, and pledges at last year’s level translate into budget cuts for the next year. STEPPING UP your pledge is important to assuring those cuts do not occur and that First Church has the funds to carry out our shared mission of justice, love and hope.

Giving Guide from the Unitarian Universalist Association
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Contact Canvass Advisers

If you’d like to ask questions or give us feedback about giving or the annual budget, we’d be delighted to talk with you.

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