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The theme for this year's canvass campaign is Leading Lives of Justice Hope and Love.

What does this mean within our congregation?
  • In our dealings with one another and with visitors, we strive to embody our UU principles.
  • We work hard to foster strong, values-based relationships within our church home, through shared worship, learning, work and caring.

How do congregants’ pledges help make this a reality?
  • Reverend Connie’s call includes challenging us to live up to and grow into our values and principles. Through our family programing we strive to instill these values in our youth. We need to support Reverend Connie and all our paid staff as they work hard on our behalf.

What does this mean in the larger community? How do congregants’ pledges help make this a reality?
  • As we live our values, we impact our larger community. 

  • First Church is a crucial underpinning for much of the social justice work, exemplified in our extensive Social Justice Directory, that our congregants carry out. A solid, financially healthy foundation makes us individually and collectively more effective in working toward the greater good, in Avondale and beyond, now and in the future.

Giving Guide

Our church is sustained by our generosity. To help us plan the 2019-2020 budget, we ask you to make a PLEDGE now to tell us how much you plan to give between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Not sure how much to pledge? Commit to a total that is MEANINGFUL for you and for the church’s needs. It is helpful to know the church spends about $1800 per person on its ministry and programs. For many in our congregation, this figure is not realistic for their present financial situation. We appreciate your donations of your time and talents. EVERYONE’s contribution, whether financial or otherwise, is needed and valued. Those who can give more, please do so, perhaps at the Visionary Level or Tithe Level shown below.

Keep in mind that operating costs such as insurance and utilities rise annually, and pledges at last year’s level translate into budget cuts for the next year. STEPPING UP your pledge is important to assuring those cuts do not occur and that First Church has the funds to carry out our shared mission of justice, love and hope.

Here’s a guide from the Unitarian Universalist Association:
G I V I N G   G U I D E
Supporter Level
Visionary Level
Tithe Level
% of
% of
% of
$10,000 2% $200 5% $500 10% $1,000
$25,000 2% $500 5% $1,250 10% $2,500
$50,000 3% $1,500 5% $2,500 10% $5,000
$75,000 3% $2,250 6% $4,500 10% $7,500
$100,000 3.5% $3,500 6.5% $6,500 10% $10,000
$150,000 3.5% $5,250 6.5% $9,750 10% $15,000
$200,000 4% $8,000 7% $14,000 10% $20,000
$300,000 5% $15,000 8% $24,000 10% $30,000



Contact Canvass Advisers

If you’d like to ask questions or give us feedback about giving or the annual budget, we’d be delighted to talk with you.


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