At some point in your faith journey, you may begin to feel you would like to be more than a guest here at First Unitarian Church. You may feel that this has become your spiritual home, a community with whom you share values, a place to raise your children, a hub for involvement in social justice, a support in time of need, a place to make connections and have fun.  


Meaning of Membership

Although we have no set doctrine or prescribed beliefs, we do have shared principles. When you sign the membership book, you are saying you are in agreement with those principles and our Vision and Mission statements.

In addition, you are ready to:

  • Participate in the life of the church.
  • Grow your own faith.
  • Give of your time, energy and talents.
  • Support the church with an annual pledge.


Privileges of Membership

  • Right to vote on church matters (after attending one Congregational meeting as an observer).
  • Free use of the church building and services of the minister in rites of passage, with some limitations.
  • Receipt of the church newsletter and annual directory, including access to member’s section of website.
  • Enrollment in the church’s email lists for announcements and discussion.
  • Certification with the Unitarian Universalist Association, with the right to attend General Assembly and receive UUA’s magazine The World.

Path to Membership

  • Attend services and get to know us – take your time, get involved in an activity or committee that interests you, talk to us.
  • Attend  “Meet the Minister” or “New U Orientation” – many even attend both!
  • Contact the Welcome/Membership Committee about joining.
  • Membership Chair is Barb Rider: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 513.324.8862.
  • Sign the membership book at a signing ceremony on a Sunday morning either before or after worship.


Meet the Minister

  • One-hour session held about once a month.
  • Minister gives a brief introduction to Unitarian Universalism and First Church and answers questions.
  • Childcare provided.


New U Orientation

  • 3-hour session held in fall, winter and spring.
  • Visitors meet one another and share their spiritual journeys.
  • Minister discusses Unitarian Universalist history, beliefs, and principles.
  • Minister introduces First Church, how we operate, what membership means.
  • Time for questions and answers.
  • Tour of entire church facility.
  • Childcare provided.
  • Includes family meal.


New Member Signing

  • New Member Signing takes place multiple times each year on a Sunday before the service.
  • New Members sign the membership book and are welcomed to our church family by the minister, registrar, membership chair, and other church members.