Sunday, October 21, 2018 ~ 10 a.m.

Jorge Vila


Jorge Vila is a long time member of First Church and is of Cuban heritage. He has grown in his Latin identity over the past couple of decades. On this Sunday, Jorge will share some perspectives about identity and Cuban cultural expression. (If you are confused if it’s Jorge or George, Jorge is preferred but both are acceptable.) No travelogue, no slides. Jorge is hoping to show the feelings behind some of the aspects of cultural identity that he has observed in others. 


Sunday, October 28, 2018
Rev. Connie Simon and Meredith Plummer, DFP

Harvest Bounty

Join us for an intergenerational celebration of the tangible, and intangible, gifts we reap from living in covenant with each other and our Earth. Today, our collection will go to Shiloh Food Pantry, which feeds thousands of families in the greater Cincinnati area. Our VIP Lounge will be set up, and, as always, childcare will be available for anyone birth to three years of age.