A window on Unitarian Universalists nationwide and how they put their faith into action.

In these turbulent times, UU World, the magazine and feature website of the Unitarian Universalist Association, brings fresh thinking and support to progressive people everywhere. Here’s a few of the topics in the most recent issue:

Sinkford Quote Graphic

The Dream of White Innocence

In 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King addressed the annual national meeting of UUs. He urged UUs to join other denominations in civil rights efforts and “not to sleep through the revolution.” In this article, William Sinkford describes the rousing speech Dr. King gave from his memories of being in the hall that day. It seemed like UUs were fired up for action. But he goes on to examine how far white citizens (including UUs) have fallen short of full commitment to ending racism. Sinkford is a UU minister in Portland, OR, and a one-time member of First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati.

When Charity Disrupts Justice

In this article, Chuck Collins details how charitable educational foundations in wealthy neighborhoods are providing support for their public schools that go well beyond what local taxes provide. In so doing, well-meaning donors are exacerbating the disparity between rich and poor school districts. Long-unquestioned tax policies that grant deductions for such gifts make government complicit in deepening these disparities. Collins is the author of Born on Third Base: A One-Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good.

Media Roundup

This weekly blog on the UU World website provides examples of how Unitarian Universalists are being covered by mainstream media. A recent summary included links to:
· A story of UUs in Massachusetts putting out a joint statement with other denominations as public witness against all forms of bigotry.
· The support UUs gave to Muslims in Lawton, Oklahoma after vandalism at an Islamic Center there.
· A story on the work of Canadian UUs with Syrian refugee families.

This is just a sample of what’s available to read at the UU World website. Watch this space for regular updates.



 Accessing UU World Content

You can keep up with the varied content of UU World writers, bloggers, and editors in a number of ways. The quarterly magazine is offered in print and digital editions. Members of First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati receive print subscriptions at no cost to them, and others may subscribe to the print edition for $20 per year (discounted for multiple years). A digital edition (digital replica of the print magazine) is also available ($4.99 per year for church members; $9.99 for others), but much of the magazine’s content is available at the UU World website. A weekly newsletter (emailed) is also offered, as are audio recordings of selected stories from the magazine.