blazing a spiritual and ethical path
What Makes a Church?

People do, of course. And the people of First Church are as eclectic as they are inspiring. We cover the spectrum of belief, personality, and life experience.

But, the one thing we have perfectly in common is that our individual paths led us to First Church and, each and every week, our paths lead us out INTO THE WORLD with First Church.

The people of First Church do not simply go where the path may lead. We choose to go where there is no path.

And, where we go we blaze...

a path of justice

a path of compassion

a path of hope



This year’s Canvass celebrates the many ways that First Unitarian Church and our members are “Blazing a Spiritual and Ethical Path” to make the Cincinnati community and the broader world a kinder, fairer, and better place to live.

Imagine where the path will lead us together this year!


Which Path Will You Make?


Stepping up your contribution by 8% will just allow the church to keep pace with inflation while maintaining current programming levels.

Will you commit to increasing last year’s pledge by at least 8% to ensure First Church can maintain basic programming?




Grow & Thrive

Stepping up your contribution by 10% or 15%, will not only help meet current needs, but will invest in the Church’s growth for the path ahead.

Will you commit to increasing last year’s pledge by 10%, 15%, or more to help First Church grow into the future?

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Contact Canvass Advisers

If you’d like to ask questions or give us feedback about giving or the annual budget, we’d be delighted to talk with you.

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